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Welcome to a bold new way of working. Colleagues building new levels of confidence. Clients finding new levels of trust. Straight talking, outward-looking, practical and personal. We’re certain you’ve never experienced collaboration like this before. But then, you won’t have experienced a law firm like Ai & PEG either.

Deep Relationships

Because we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes at every stage, our clients consider us as an extension of their team. They rely on our advice, and we back it up with commercially sound solutions.

With a reputation like that, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of national and international organizations. We provide clients with advice on a wide range of business difficulties, and each customer values our in-depth knowledge of their sector. That, and an incredible ability to predict future challenges and possibilities.

Strength in Depth Across Areas and Sectors

We believe in building strength from the ground up. We cover a wide range of professional areas and industrial sectors, but no matter which direction you look, we’re well-versed. We won’t be able to provide a service or cover a market any other way.
It’s a transformative experience for you. Our well-known depth of knowledge draws high-end worldwide work in a variety of fields. You’ll also be able to delve into worlds of knowledge, whatever your customer needs, because you’ll be working among consistently high-caliber brains.

Personal Growth

You’ll be welcomed, trained, and supported on an individual basis, regardless of your skill level. We place a high priority on the ability to progress while remaining true to oneself.
World-class training is a springboard to achieving your objectives at every level. As a result, you’ll share what you’ve learned with others, devoting time and expertise to help others develop their skills. You’ll progress ahead and forwards every day if you inspire and are inspired by the difficulties and possibilities you’ll discover here.

Careers Opportunities

Build your career at one of the most progressive and leading law firms in Tanzania.